Amelia Jane Henson, All You Need to Know About Her

Amelia Jane Henson

The daughter of actress Mia Sara has been in the limelight like many celebrity kids. Unlike many celebs who live luxurious life posting for the paparazzi and to the public every step they make, Amelia Jane Henson has kept her life private.

But even though people keep a key tab of Amelia’s life, here is everything we know about Amelia and her family.

Personal Life

Amelia Jane Henson loves to keep her life private, but much has been noted about her. She was born in 2005 to  Mia Sara, her mother, and her father, Brian Henson.

Amelia is the second born of her mother, and she is blessed with a half-brother, her elder. Her brother is called Danielle Quinn Connery and is the firstborn of her mother and her ex-husband.

There is no information about Amelia Jane Henson’s education as she keeps her life personal, explaining why she has kept her Instagram account private with only a few followers.

Amelia’s Mother

Amelia Jane Hensen’s mother is called Mia Sara, and she is a famous actress of American origin who has been featured in many films. Mia Sara started her career in the entertainment industry in 1985, and since then, her impeccable portrayal skills have remained known.

Amelia’s mother was married to her first husband, whom they met on a movie set, but unfortunately, they separated after six years. Her first marriage was blessed with a son, and after the separation, she moved on quickly.

After the separation, Mia Sara met Brian Henson again at an audition, and he became the love of her life. Mia got married, and she lived happily after then, with her two kids and husband.

Mia Sara Net Worth and Achievements.

Mia Sara had a net worth of $1.5 million by 2020, and most of her wealth were from her passion for acting. She first appeared in the 1985 film Legend by Ridley Scott, and after that, she was featured in multiple films.

The Annie Noose film from 1993 to 1994 and 2003 to 2005 in the reality show Dr. Arlene Quinzel are among her most notable tv films.

Amelia’s mother has been in the entertainment industry for almost thirty years, and she has achieved a lot because of her outstanding performance.

In 1995, Amelia Jane Henson’s mother received a certification for the best support services.

Although Mia’s name never got many titles, her expertise in her passion and profession and her dedication to her work remains renowned.

Amelia’s Father

Brian Henson is the father of Amelia Jane Henson. The proud father of one daughter and kid is also a producer and director. Moreover, he is a chairman of the Jim Henson Company.

Social Media

As we mentioned early in the post, Amelia Jane Henson is unlike many celeb kids who announce all their moves to the public. Amelia has kept her life away from the limelight. The only social media Amelia noted is Instagram, and it is a private account with a few followers.