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At, we are passionate about all things pets and welcome guest posts from fellow pet owners and writers who share our enthusiasm. We believe that quality content comes from writers who have firsthand experience in the pet industry, and we strive to provide a platform for these writers to share their knowledge and expertise with our audience.

Before submitting your guest post, please read and follow the guidelines below:

  1. Original Content: All guest posts must be original content and not published elsewhere. We will not accept any posts that have been previously published, including on your own personal blog or another website.
  2. Relevance: All posts must be relevant to our pet niche and provide value to our audience. We prioritize articles that are informative, actionable, and well-researched. Please ensure that your post covers a topic that is relevant to our readers, and provides them with actionable tips, insights, and information.
  3. Length: Posts should be a minimum of 800 words, but we encourage authors to write as much as necessary to cover the topic comprehensively. While we don’t have a maximum word limit, we do ask that you keep the post concise, informative, and engaging.
  4. Grammar and Style: We expect guest posts to be well-written and free from grammatical errors. Articles should be written in a conversational and engaging style to keep readers interested. We encourage writers to use active voice, subheadings, and bullet points to help break up the text and make it more readable.
  5. Formatting: Please submit your article as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document, with proper headings, subheadings, and bullet points where necessary. We recommend using H2 headings for the main sections and H3 headings for sub-sections. If you are referencing any sources, please include hyperlinks to the original source.
  6. Images: We encourage authors to include relevant images with their post to illustrate their points. If you use any images, please ensure that they are royalty-free, or you have obtained the necessary permissions. We recommend using high-quality images that are relevant to the topic, and at least 1200 pixels wide.


Topic Suggestions For Pet Blogs

Here are some of the topics and example titles that we are interested in:

  1. Pet nutrition: How to choose the best food for your pet’s health
  2. Pet behavior: How to train your dog to stop barking excessively
  3. Pet health: Common health issues in cats and how to manage them
  4. Pet products: The best interactive toys for your dog’s mental stimulation
  5. Pet care: Tips for keeping your pet cool in the summer heat

How to submit it:

If you have a guest post that meets our guidelines and topic criteria, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name and a brief bio about yourself
  2. A brief summary of your article
  3. The title of your article
  4. The completed article attached as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document
  5. Any relevant images or links that you would like to include in your post

We will review your submission and let you know if it has been accepted for publication. Please note that we reserve the right to make edits to your post as needed for clarity, grammar, or style.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to We look forward to hearing from you!

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