Aloni Arenas – Everything you Need to Know About Him

Aloni Arenas

Aloni Arenas came to light as a recognized basketball player. His father is Gilbert Arenas, a famous and professional American basketball player. In their family, Aloni Arenas is the youngest among four kids, namely Izela Arenas, Hamiley Arenas, and Alijah Arenas.

Additionally, Aloni Arenas’ mother, Laura Govan, is a recognized reality tv star. Aloni’s parents being stars have contributed to his popularity, as fans have been keeping a tab of him since he was young.

Let’s explore what you may not know about Aloni Arenas.


The son of Gilbert Arenas walked in his father’s steps, becoming a recognized basketball player just like the father. Arenas joined Grant High School in Valley Glen, Los Angeles, where he played for his school. Moreover, he accepted a scholarship to join Arizona college at the end of his first year.


At the college of Arizona, Aloni Arenas played basketball, where he helped and led Arizona to the champion’s games in 2001. They lost the tournament to Blue Devils, and later, he announced entering the 2001 NBA draft and suspending his final two years in college.

The Golden State Warriors selected Aloni Arenas in the 2001 NBA Draft. The three-time NBA All-Star is proud to be a three-time member of the All-NBA team and was named the most improved player during the 2002-2003 season.

The ability of Aloni Arenas to shoot in the closing stages of the game and his former jersey number gave him the nickname “agent zero.” He continued growing famous and resulting in another nickname, “Gilby.”

Unfortunately, in the NBA season 2009-2010, the star was suspended for most of the season for weapons law violations.

In 2010, Orlando Magic bought Aloni as their player. He was fortunate enough to get released, thanks to the “amnesty clause.” Also, he signed with Memphis Grizzles for the 2011-2013 NBA season.


The parents of Aloni Arenas were both stars. His father, Gilbert Arenas, was a former American basketball player, while his mother, Laura Govan, was a reality tv show star. The mother has gained the limelight and loves globally, just like Aloni and Gilbert.

Although Arenas’ parents advertised their marriage on a reality tv show, they split before Aloni was born.

Most of you may not know about Laura Govan that she was a basketball player before getting married to Gilbert.

Aloni Arenas’ mother also grew famous at her college, where she played and coached. Although she wanted to take her passion to another level, injuries stopped her. Additionally, Aloni is blessed with three siblings who are his elders.

Net Worth and Social Media

The net worth of Aloni as of 2021 stands at approximately $75k. His talent and love for basketball have accrued most of his wealth. After all, the talent he has cultivated since he was young has paid him well.

Arenas is not known to be on any social media handles officially, as he loves keeping his life private and simple. No Instagram or any other social media has been reported.