Everything you Need to Know about Jack Neville Lando

Jack Neville Lando

The twenty-three-year-old lad is recognized among the notable people because of his father’s fame. Jack’s father is called Joseph Joe Lando, and he is a renowned American actor born in 1961. Jack’s father’s numerous roles in films have been well-known by many, drawing attention to his family.

Jack Neville Lando stands out for his many ancestry roots, including Italian, Russian and Polish ancestry from his father’s side.


Jack Neville Lando is the firstborn among four kids. Jack is the firstborn, and he was born in 1998 and was followed by Kate Elizabeth Lando, born in April 2000. Additionally, his other siblings are Christian Antonio Lando and William Joseph Lando.

Jack Neville Lando’s Father

Joe Lando is the father of Jack Neville Lando, and he is a famous actor who has made a debut in several films. Joe Lando was born on December 1961 in New York City to Joe and Virgina Lando, and many know him by his nickname Joseph John Lando.

Jack Neville Lando’s father became renowned for his unmatched performance as Byron Sully in Dr. Quinn’s Medicine Woman. Joe had started his acting as far as 1986 when he featured in minor roles.

Joe Lando Education and Net Worth

Jack Neville Lando’s father started his early education at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, where he started his acting career.

Alison Laplaca, who became a TV star, was Joe’s high school girlfriend. She suggested to him to take part in an audition for the school musical “Li I Abner,” which awoke his acting interest, and he decided to pursue it.

Unfortunately, he could not perform that night because of his shattered leg, but missing that opportunity did not discourage him from pursuing his passion.

Jack Neville Lando’s father decided to be an actor, and after his high-school graduation in 1980, he moved to Los Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, Joe worked as a chef at a Hollywood restaurant while studying acting at the same time and paying for his acting lessons.

With his acting and being featured in more than fifty television films and other movies, Jack Neville Lando’s father has accumulated a net worth of about $6 million.

Jack Neville Lando’s Mother

Jack’s mother is called Kirsten Barlow, and she is a native of the United States. Unlike his famous husband, Kirsten kept her life private and away from the public, avoiding all questions about herself from the crowd.

Kirsten got married in May 1997 at the Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, and they have been blessed with four kids together.

There is no information about her on any social media, influenced by her determination to keep her life private.

Additionally, Kisten has appeared in Code of Conduct, Hammurabi, and Friendsgiving films. Besides the movies she has been featured in, she has not shared any other information about her career.

It is believed that Jack Neville Lando’s mother has accrued much wealth from her acting, but there is no record of the exact or approximate amount in public.