Jori Amo Coleman, 7 Things About Jori

Jori Amo Coleman

Do you want to know more about Jori Amo Coleman, the son of Jude Demorest? Jude Demorest is a popular American Actress and singer.

If you want to know more about Jori Amo Coleman then read till the end of this article for more interesting facts about him.


Jori is the second child of Jude Demorest and Joshua Coleman. Jori was born on the 14th of June, 2021. Jori has an older brother, Judah. Judah was born in 2018. They are a family of 4. The parents of Jori are successful in their various career paths. His father is an American songwriter and producer. His mother is an American singer and actress. She became popular after her appearance in the soap opera show, Dallas.


The parents of Jori Amo Coleman are Joshua Coleman and Jude Demorest.

Jori Amo Coleman Net Worth

The net worth of Jori is not yet ascertained but what is certain is the net worth of his parents.

His mother, Jude, has an estimated net worth of $2 million. While his father, Joshua has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Jori is way too young to be married. He will be clocking a year next month. We would have to wait a long while before any wedding bells start ringing for this young man.

His mom and dad (Jude and Joshua tied the knot on the 24th of April, 2016.

Early Life

The Early life of Jori is what we are sure he is currently living now. Do remember that Jori is 11 months old. It is way too early to start getting facts on his early life. What can be said is that he is growing up with all the love and care he deserves from his parents.

The early life of his mother, Jude, can be ascertained. Jude was born on the 11th of March, 1992. She is a Pisces. She was born in Michigan, USA. She was born into a family that encouraged her to go after her passions. Her family was highly religious. She has one sibling, Canaan Demorest.

Physical Feature

The media is yet to ascertain the features of Jori given that he is still a child and growing.

However, the physical features of his mom, Jude, can be ascertained. She’s 5’5 in height and weighs 55kg. Her hair color is light brown. She has blue eyes.

Education and Career

The educational and career path for Jori has not yet been set. We would have to wait a couple of years before he even starts preschool. These are things that would come later in his life and we would just have to wait for that to unfold.

However, we are informed about certain aspects of his parents’ life in this area. His father, Joshua, is a popular American producer. He has worked alongside various artists like Brittney Spears, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and many others.

His mother, Jude, started acting at the young age of 16. She starred in her first movie in 2009. She played a role in the History of Made up Things. After that, her road to stardom started and a few years after, she starred in many more films and TV shows.