Everything About Kate Elizabeth Lando

kate elizabeth lando

Thanks to her father, a famous producer, film actor, and drama series, Kate Elizabeth Lando is a well-known celebrity kid. Kate was born in Prairie View, Illinois, on 3rd April 2003.

Personal Life

Like most celebrity kids, Kate Elizabeth Lando is well hidden from social media, and her parents love it that way to protect her and safeguard her personal life. Kate Elizabeth is the daughter of Joe Lando and Kirsten Barlow. She has three siblings, Jack Neville Lando, William Joseph Lando, and Christian Antonia Lando.

Kate enjoys the company of her aunt Kathy Lando, and her grandparents are, Joe and Virginia Lando.

Kate’s Family

Kate Elizabeth comes from a family of six members. She has three brothers, and she is the only daughter in the family. Kate’s father, Joe Lando, is a celebrated producer and actor popular for playing Byron Sully on the famous Dr Quinn’s National TV drama series. Joe Lando was born on 9th December 1961, and he started his career as a drama actor.

Joe Lando has had a blooming career, and he reached the film actor position over the years. Some of his popular series and movies include Untold Story Danny and Friends Giving Handsome Man.

Kate’s birth came after seven years of her parent’s marriage. Furthermore, Joe and Kristen had a lowly life before getting into Hollywood. They worked in a pizza shop as a waitress and chef, where their love grew. Before fame, the two knew each, and they still enjoyed keeping their lives private.

The parents commit to separating their celebrity life from their personal life. However, things started getting to the limelight after Kate’s birth, and cameras began being part of their daily lives.

Jack Neville is the firstborn of the family, and he was born in 1988. Their second-born, Christian, was born in 2001, and Kate Elizabeth became the third born. Lastly, William is the youngest of them all. The siblings have a great bond, and being the only daughter, Kate receives much love from the parents and the brothers.


Although much of her educational background is unknown, Kate Elizabeth is expected to graduate from Prairie View College, where she studied Modeling.

Kate Elizabeth’s Love Life

Kate Elizabeth has tried all ways ensure she keeps her personal life under the radar. However, a trusted source confirmed that she is dating her classmate. Kate’s boyfriend, Carmie Sellitto, is a renowned Youtuber, and they have been dating for 2 years.

However, the two have kept their dating private for their own reasons. Carmie Sellitto is currently 20 years of age, and just like Kate’s father, he too wants to take the acting path and hopefully be a famous Hollywood actor.

Kate’s Interest

Kate Elizabeth Lando has been spotted out and about on various outdoorsy and adventurous activities. She has been on many vacations globally several times, implying that she has a heart and love for adventure drawn from her parents, who also have an interest in adventure and touring around.