Tippie Johnston, Early Life, Spouse, and Career

Tippie Johnston

Tippie Johnston was the wife of late American television and movie actor Denver Pyle, who was best recognized for his role as ‘Jesse Duke’ in the action-comedy tv series, The Dukes of Hazzard.

You should remember the popular Dever Plye if you were a Hollywood lover during the 19s. Aside from his role as Jesse Duke, the actor appeared in many other prominent movies, series, and television shows.

Tippie Johnston and Denver Pyle lived together as a married couple for over a decade before he passed away. It’s been over two decades since the American movie star died.

We will be sharing with you in this post some unknown facts about the woman in Denver Pyle’s life before he passed on. Continue reading to find out more!

Tippie Johnston’s Person Life

Tippie Johnston was born to her parents, Erin Birch Johnston and J. T. Johnston.

Like Toppie’s date of birth, her place of birth is unknown as there is not much personal information about her on the internet.

Tippie Johnston was married to the Hollywood actor and director Denver Pyle on November 5th, 1983. The couple had no children together, but the union was a beautiful one that lasted until Pyle’s death.

Speaking of Denver Pyle, he was born on May 11th, 1920, in Bethune, Colorado, United States. He was a renowned actor and entertainer that graced the people’s screens during his active working years.

Tippie Johnston’s marriage to Denver Pyle was her first, and there has been no news about her getting married since she became a widow. Actor Denver Pyle, Tippie Johnston’s husband, died on December 25th, 1997.


Tippie Johnston has been a very private person, so very little information about her is on the media regarding her childhood, background, or education.

Her late husband, on the other hand, was a public figure. Their union was his second marriage after he divorced his ex-wife Marilee Carpenter.

Marilee Carpenter worked at 20th Century Fox as a production assistant manager. She married Denver in 1955 and had two children with him before their divorce in 1970. Their two boys, David and Tony, are Pyle’s only children


The Death of Tippie Johnston’s Husband, American Actor Denver Pyle

Tippie Johnston became a widower on December 25th, 1997. She lost her beloved husband, Denver Pyle, to lung cancer on Christmas day.

The first baptist church in Texas, U. S. was where Denver Pyle was laid to rest on January 6th, 1998.

Reason For Prominence

Toppie Johnson is best recognized as the wife of late actor Denver Pyle. Her husband was an American-born actor and producer that lived between May 11th, 1920, to December 25th, 1997, as an ambitious little child, a drummer, a navy officer, and an actor.

Pyle dropped out of the Colorado State University to pursue his passion for the show business before he finally made a breakthrough in his career as a Hollywood actor.

The Dukes of Hazzard, Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Andy Griffith Show, e.t.c. are some of the movies that the late Denver Pyle appeared in.