Vinny Tamburello, His Family, Early Life, and Marriage

Vinny Tamburello

Do you want to know more about Vincent Tamburello, the brother of Chris Tamburello? Vincent Tamburello was allegedly killed in a gang shootout. Follow through till the end of this article to find some interesting facts about the brother of one of the most influential MTV reality stars.


Vincent Tamburello is the first son of Ronni and Vincent Tamburello Sr. He was born on September 12, 1975, in Charlestown, Boston. Although Vincent Jr. was born during the early years of the couple’s marriage when finances were low, they still provided the best they could for their son.

By the summer of 1980, his brother Chris was born. The bond between Chris and Vincent grew as they would often play around together. In the years that followed, there were two additions to the family, Jason and Vanessa.


Vincent is the first son of Ronni and Vincent Tamburello Sr.

Vinny Tamburello Net Worth

The net worth of Vincent Tamburello cannot be ascertained, but from the facts of his finances, he was not a wealthy man.


It is not stated that Vincent had gotten married before his passing. But in 2007, when Vincent moved to Vermont to restore houses, he met Julie Kronberg who later became his girlfriend. Shortly after they got together, Julie was expecting their first child. Everyone was joyous over the news of their first child. All except Julie’s mom. Julie got into a fight with her parents and was kicked out of her house. She also suffered a miscarriage. After this shocking loss, Vincent proposed to Julie and they planned to get married and build a life together.

Early Life

Vincent in the early parts of his life participated in a lot of sport-related activities. He loved skateboarding and basketball while growing up. He became a youth basketball coach for the local schools in Charlestown. At 17, Vincent started venturing life outside the four walls he grew up in.

Seven years later, Vincent had to move back in with his parents as he could not keep up with paying the bills as a young adult. During the seven years in which he stayed on his own, he worked low pay jobs mostly relating to house restoration.

Physical Features

The physical features of Vincent Tamburello can not be ascertained yet. His nickname was Lil Vinnie even though he towered over his family members. From this statement, we can only ascertain that Vincent was tall.

Education and Career

The education process of Vincent Tamburello cannot be ascertained. But with respect to his career, he was into home renovation. He moved to Vermont to pursue his career and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. He was shot by a gang on the 17th of August, 2008. Vincent was only 32 years old when he passed on.

Vincent was shot twice, on the leg and on his back. He was also beaten repeatedly after being shot. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. The whole court procession for Vincent came to an end in 2020. But even then, his family still claims to not have gotten the justice they deserved.